CDR Help

Every year millions of students apply to take the admission in Australian Universities from around the globe and most of them choose Engineering as a career. If you are an aspiring Engineering graduate then Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the initial requirement for getting the admission in the Australian universities. Preparing a CDR is absolutely not a piece of cake, and its mind boggling rules make the errand progressively hard for the Students. From past 10 years, has given effective and goal oriented CDR help and assist them with accomplishing their objectives successfully.

CDR Report  Key Essentials :

  1. Career Professional Development: It can be considered as a bigger resume with broader coverage, in which the record what is his experience and what he learned from it. Also, includes: Education Background, Achievements, Past Experiences
  2. Career Episodes: Each Career Episode is on a project which he has done in the past. Which speaks about what was his role, his contribution, achievement, objective and learnings. Three career episodes of 1500 words each are added.
  3. Summary statement: Summary of career Episodes in the form of table. A pre-defined form of summary statement is available on Internet. We need to define in which paragraph the certain aspects are covered.
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